Not a Role Model for Women: Why I Don’t Want to Be Carrie Bradshaw

by: Carrie Emge

When I first meet people and tell them my name, I sometimes add, “Like Carrie Bradshaw.” I do this for a variety of reasons: Carrie rhymes with a lot of other names (e.g. Terry, Larry, Jerry and Sherry) so I want to make sure they heard me correctly. Maybe people will remember my name better if I associate it with a television character.  It’s better than saying “like Carrie White.”

I don’t know how I feel sharing my name with a fictional television character from the popular show Sex and the City. Some people love Carrie Bradshaw, idolize her and want to be her. Sure, it would be fun to be her for a day; wear her shoes, live in Manhattan, have “the three best friends that anybody could have” (wait, wrong movie), go to swanky places and get asked out on dates in the most random situations. However, I can’t help but feel in the minority when I say I wouldn’t want her life. I don’t want to be Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City.

You probably think I’m silly for saying such a thing. Carrie has it all! A career, Mr. Big and a fabulous life. Sure, but when you really take a look at her life before the end of the saga, Carrie isn’t the best role model for women to live their lives for many reasons:

1. Money management skills

Who cares if you’re in debt? You have the season’s newest Manolo’s! I don’t know about you, but in the real world, debt is a big deal and it’s not something I would want to be in. I know that I can’t afford Manolo Blahnik’s so I don’t buy them. It’s as simple as that.

2. Career skills

Writing just one column about sex in New York City will not make you famous and will not pay the bills for a New York apartment and lifestyle. Let’s be real here.

3. She smokes

Sorry if you’re reading this and you’re a smoker, but smoking is bad for your health and you should stop. Now.

4. Sometimes her outfits are ugly

Maybe because I watch from a post-1990 era, but some of those outfits are God-Awful and I wouldn’t wear them even if they were Dolce and Gabana.

5. The whole back-and-forth relationship with Big.

Oh. My. God. Am I the only one who was tired of this relationship?! It was annoying. She was with him, then she wasn’t. Then she was when he was MARRIED. Then she was with nice guy Aiden and cheated on him. For the record, I liked Aiden when she first started dating him and thought he was better looking than Big. Plus, what kind of name is “Big.” I’m done dating guys who have nicknames for actual names. If you’re out of college and have a real job, you should have a real name that everyone calls you.

Plus, let’s not forget about the fact that he left her at the altar. I cried during that scene in the movie, and I don’t cry easily. How could he do that to her? But what does she do? She goes back to him because that’s what she does. I was relieved when they actually got married in the movie because that chapter was finally over.

Do I still like Sex and the City? Sure. It’s fun to watch and it’s a nice escape from reality. Carrie does have some redeeming qualities, but that’s for another day. I still hope that one day I can afford obnoxiously expensive outfits and find my Mr. Big (but without all the drama).

Carrie Emge is a Chicago-dwelling carnivore who likes to eat, pray and love. She attends DePaul University majoring in Netflix and minoring in Tumblr. She prides herself on knowing the words to many pop songs and her ability to find great deals while shopping.


2 responses to “Not a Role Model for Women: Why I Don’t Want to Be Carrie Bradshaw

  1. Ugh, I hate their relationship, too, and I can’t stand that they end up getting married, even though that’s what’s “supposed” to happen. I loved Aiden but for myself, not for Carrie.

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