Broad Shoulders: The Rapture

by: Broad Shoulders

This is the second edition of Broad Shoulders, a new collaborative podcast to showcase stories from across Chicago’s Live Lit community. Each month, the show invites performers from various Live Lit shows to come and read their work, and those performers are either chosen by the audience or the hosts of those shows themselves.  For this month’s show, Essay Fiesta and Story Club hosts Keith Ecker and Dana Norris joined host Nico Lang and guests Adam Guerino (Queer Comedy at Zanies), Janna Sobel (Here’s the Story) and Andrew Marikis (Story Club).  Although there was no technical theme, many of this month’s pieces ended up having to do with dying or the end of the world.  We really need to get out more.

Join us next month when we are pleased to present stories from Julie Danis (Story Club), Patrick Gill (Word Is Out) and Alyson Lyon (Essay Fiesta).  We will also feature a plague of locusts, the Super Majority and an ironic acrobatic troupe called “Smirk du Soleil.”

This is Broad Shoulders, and we hope you enjoy our show.

2 responses to “Broad Shoulders: The Rapture

  1. This was truly enjoyable! Loved listening to the stories, liked the interplay between the hosts; will definitely be on the lookout for the next podcast.

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