The Qu Presents: Growing With Tony Soto, The IML Edition

by: The Qu

Note: This is a special version of the Qu’s podcast, the first in a series in which Tony Soto of The Qu opens himself to new experiences in the queer community.  It was originally posted here.

Well this may or may not be a good time. Hello all, my name is Tony Soto. I am the co-founder of I would personally like to welcome you to “Growing with Tony Soto.”

This is an experiment.

Since founding The Qu, my eyes have been opened to the many things, some of these things make me terribly uncomfortable. I have been on a journey over the last year to become a more accepting person, and to learn about the things I do not understand.

My Qu family thought this would be a good thing to share with you all. They also assured me folks would be laughing with me…not at me…I’m not totally convinced. Enjoy!

The Qu – Growing With Tony Soto (Part One)

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