Donate to the Kickstarter Campaign: Kate Bornstein is a Queer & Pleasant Danger

by: The Qu

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We love Kate Bornstein.  Recently, her memoir, A Queer and Pleasant Danger, was reviewed by The Qu‘s very own Ben Kramer in his monthly book review, Fag Rags. Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Kate coming this summer.

We are thrilled after we came across this new Kickstarter campaign for Kate. Sam Feder is making a film about the gender outlaw, and we just have to say it is about time! The Qu loves Kickstarter, and we ask that you help support this amazing film.

Description of the project:

Kate Bornstein is Queer & Pleasant Danger is an intimate portrait of an artist that illuminates one of gender theory’s most influential minds. This film is not a biographical report on someone’s life, nor is it a linear story. Rather, it is an evocative study of a human being and an exploration of form and content that reflects the complexities of Kate and her world. Engaging with Kate’s personal and public persona, the film captures her multifaceted, sometimes contradictory, and always charming personality, which has won the hearts of people worldwide, while also alienating others.

Kate Bornstein is a Queer & Pleasant Danger explores Kate’s artistic practice, her influences and the way she has created language, space, and permission for generations of people to live their lives outside traditional frameworks of gender, politics, and art.

Kate’s life journey as a shape shifter, gender theorist, and survivor of great depression offers provocative new ideas on the nature of art, community, and what it means to be queer and transgender.


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