RIP TRL: Remembering a Time of O-Town and Chokers

by: Stephanie Mathena 

Possibly the greatest nostalgic indulgence for most of us 20 somethings lies within the hippest, fresh stylings of host Carson Daly, alongside Peyton, I mean… Hilarie Burton, and the future Mrs. Nick Lachey (Vanessa Milano). TRL was Youtube before Youtube, therefore, it deserves to be reflected on.

Why everyone should miss TRL:

– The THRILL of a live audience after school, because you were always certain you were going to know someone in the crowd.

– The same reason we all loved Bug Juice, (“I AM GETTING ON THIS SHOW SOME DAY!”)

– Responsible for our fashion choices of choker necklaces, glittery middle parts, midriff tops, and fur coats rocked by Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears.

– It was the inspiration for 95% of my 4th grade talent show, minus the random kid who could jump rope really well.

– The hot musclely, obviously gay background dancers in tight tank tops grabbing the crotches of their cargo pants on live television.

– Lance Bass came out when TRL still existed. What?!

– It was originally the only place where you could find interviews and live performances of your favorite bands.

– Which in turn, perfected the art of the “simple”  synchronized dance move.

– It was responsible for most of us learning how to break dance from guys in overalls, beads in their hair, and turtlenecks in front of the TV.

– It was to blame for any girl in the 7th grade with a belly button ring, wearing their thongs on the outside of their bell bottoms.

– The countdowns never seemed to be predictable.

– The antsy feeling you got on the school bus when you knew you were going to miss the first five minutes.

– The fact that both Lady Gaga and the cast of Dawson’s Creek have both been in the TRL studio blows my mind.

– The awkward game show interviews, call-in questions, and general bad small talk between Carson Daly and celebrities.

– The secret resentment you felt toward that Damien guy that replaced Carson.

– The totally cool neon graphics and the floating MTV cube box in the bottom right hand corner.

– Britney Spears hosting a Spring Break TRL episode (when TRL’s Spring Break was an entire month longer than ours).

–  Daphne Aguilera Vs. Christina Aguilera. Enough said.

– No matter how many freaking times you called in to talk to O-Town, you never got through.

God I miss these days.


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