Poetry: Correspondence vol. 1

by: The Gill Brothers

Note: As a form of mental calisthenics and an interesting form of keeping in touch, in their weekly correspondence  Jeff and Patrick Gill send each other lists of words they could use in poems.  

“A little William Carlos Williams at the end (for your appreciation)”
by Jeff Gill

The animated finger curved around the container of fresh amethyst colored melons; so sweet, so cold.

Unstitched (1)
by Patrick Gill

My boots pulse a dogheart red, rich and rhythmic
The tongue of my unlaced left boot peels and hangs like it was loosed from a dog’s mouth
Betraying stitching for the favor of the thick knuckled foot within, the wear of my boot apes the underside of a paw
At night I powder the insoles with put baking soda, heavy with a dogbreath smell, it eats the odors instead of masking them


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