Gaudy! I Want It!: Fashion Rules That Are Meant To Be Broken

by: Victoria Sikora

I should preface this by stating that I’m a drag artist. That being said, this past week I went out dancing with a tutu around my neck. Yes, I meant to say neck, and I looked sickening doing so. That brings up an interesting point. One would think a general rule of fashion would include always wearing skirts on your waist. However, when that skirt looks as good as it did on your neck, heck, do it anyway. I’ve always had a unique take on fashion and style, and I call it the ‘do what ever the fuck you want and fear no boundaries’ approach. It’s working out fairly well so far.

That brings me to the topic of which rules I want to see broken. I’m a deviant. I love to bend the rules and run outside the box.

Am I Overdressed? The dress code bar being too low. This is my favourite rule to break. It is attention driven, but almost always positively perceived. You get to look respectable and stand out in a crowd. It’s a sure way to catch the eye of someone around.

Black and White Party? I must have missed the memo. This one is brilliant if pulled off well. If you plan on completely blowing off the theme and sticking out like a sore thumb, it can be tricky, but definitely do-able and worth the work. My tip is to first make sure the theme is well followed (a known history for the event/occasion helps) and then make sure there’s no other attendee likely to perform such a stunt. The last and most important part is to be 100% drop-dead flawless. You will be viewed under a microscope. I love the entertainment of this deviant behavior.

The Last Thing You Put On. Don’t you dare take that off! Gaudy! Gaudy! Gaudy! I want it! Have some fun with your style. Over-accessorizing is just the perfect amount of so much fun. Do it!

Business Black. Yuck. There are so many professional looking alternatives to wearing black suit/dress/skirt/slacks like everyone else, and if you really must, at least accessorize with red heels or a purple umbrella or the likes. We all need a splash of color.

Make-up is For Girls. Regardless of the fact that I’m female impersonator, make-up is just wonderful. Knowing how to use it can really make that man in your life (or yourself) a hot commodity. Make-up helps perfect skin and can really increase the overall appeal of the face. Adding contrast and highlights creates a brighter and happier complexion, increasing the general mood all around you. On the extreme side, a.k.a. my side, make-up is fun as hell to play with. Go play!

As you get the general gist of how I feel fashion should be handled: lightly that is, I feel its safe to say that you are now free to follow in my footsteps with my ‘do what ever the fuck you want and fear no boundaries’ approach to fashion. I release you from your perceived chains of fashionista whims. Go, be free. Fly free, my loves!

Victoria Sikora is a slew of female alter egos of the wonderfully exuberant drag artist, Timothy Elliot. She is whatever she is, whenever she is it. Starving for work, as well as attention, she loves the occasional email at where she would love to answer any questions, provide support, or discuss queer politics the best she can. Joining Timothy and Ellen, from time to time, she also can be found blogging on, a queer help blog for the tumblr community.


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