Chicago Women’s Health Center Hosting Focus Groups on Trans Feminine Health Needs

by: Jamie Anne Royce

Chicago Women’s Health Center is hosting focus groups in May on the Trans Greater Access Project to gather information on trans feminine and transgender women community needs.

CWHC collaborated with the Queer People’s Health Collective to create TGAP after hearing a need for affordable, sensitive gynecological care for trans masculine people from community members and health care providers. The project was then known as the Trans Gynecology Access Project. “We started with what we know and do well—providing basic gynecological care,” according to a statement written by the CWHC.

TGAP currently offers masculinizing hormone therapy and transgender and genderqueer affirming gynecological services, but does not offer feminizing hormone therapy or prostate exams for transgender women or trans feminine people. Local activists recently circulated a petition calling for a comprehensive TGAP.

CWHC announced that it will host focus groups for creating a feminizing hormone therapy program, releasing the following statement:

As we look at ways we can better meet the health care needs of trans feminine communities, we are seeking input from trans women to inform our services.

The purpose of these focus groups is to:

  • Assess how we can meet health care needs of trans feminine communities;
  • Learn from trans feminine individuals’ experiences initiating hormone therapy in order to inform the development of our hormone administration services.

We are seeking both:

  • Trans feminine individuals of any age who would like to share their thoughts and experiences regarding personal or community need for health care services.
  • Trans feminine individuals 18 years of age or older who have been on hormone therapy for a minimum of 6 months.

Focus groups will occur in May 2012. Participants will be provided with a small cash incentive to thank you for your time. Food provided.

If you are interested in participating, please call Jess at (773) 935-6126 x222.

Note: This post was originally featured on Stuff Queer People Need to Know. You can find the original here.

Jamie Royce is a fierce fancy femme and mobile media machine, working as a freelance writer, reporter, editor and photojournalist. She also blogs at Stuff Queer People Need To Know.

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