Spreading The Fever: Reasons We Should Embrace the Bieb

by: Bobby Crowley

I consider myself a strong and independent woman. I don’t follow trends just because they are popular. What is popularity anyway? It is a consensus that tells us we are just like everybody else. Why would we want that? On the other hand, I am independent enough to decide for myself what I like.

This means I don’t deny myself the pleasure of enjoying things that are not popular either. If you take this stance as I do, you know how much your world opens up when you don’t hold prejudices against things just because they are equally enjoyed by 13 year old girls and no one else. Because of this willingness to enjoy the “uncool,” I have discovered something mind-blowing and hopefully you won’t stop reading this until I have walked you through my proof. Justin Bieber is fucking awesome.

I know what you’re thinking, well I don’t, but I’m sure it is something along the lines of “What?” or “Justin Bieber is everything that is wrong with America!” or “Wait, that little kid with the hair?” I know! I thought these things once upon a time, too. All I’m asking of you is that you bear with me to see why I think we should all give Bieber a chance to prove our hatred wrong.

When Justin Bieber came out, I really didn’t even notice. My life was unaffected by the little boy with the hair singing something about a relationship he probably never had because he was “like 12.” Justin Bieber only really caught my attention with “Somebody to Love.” Sure, I enjoyed the song. The video featured relatively quality dancing and Usher. However, I was put off by the little kid looking at me with what appeared to be smoldering eyes. I still wasn’t sure how I felt about the boy. Then, my world came crashing down as I discovered the following reasons why we shouldn’t race home to get our Bieber Fever vaccinations.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are dating. Sure, this relationship will end one day, but there is something to be said for any boy loved by Selena Gomez. The woman, despite her young-looking face, is perfect. Selena Gomez is the one teen pop idol out there who is popular enough to send a message to young kids, but also  has the power and independence to send an entirely positive one. She loves her fans. Though you might say this just comes with the gig, she is almost Gaga about her fans. She doesn’t go around snorting coke, getting DUIs, or taking naked pictures of herself. She has somehow held tight to the good judgement and harrowing restraint that it takes in a world of easy access to drugs and tremendous stress and pressure to conform and fall apart. She is a simple, beautiful girl with a great message for her fans and a small ego. Whether you like her music or not, it is incredibly difficult to find a reason to dislike her. That being said, she is dating Justin Bieber after being friends with him for quite a while. I think this is enough proof that he is not just another egomaniacal pop douche we should ignore, but you might need more.

Justin Bieber actually has some real talent.  Sure, his voice is not the most impressive thing I’ve heard in my life, I mean, I’ve heard Ewan McGregor sing the “Come What May” reprise in “Moulin Rouge.” But the boy can sing and let us all take note of the wicked dancing skills that impressed Usher so much, he staked his name on the boy’s discovery. Haven’t noticed the stellar dance moves past the hair? Re-watch a few of his videos, especially his new one “Boyfriend,” and pay close attention to his rarely shown off moves. He’s good. This doesn’t necessarily prove that he isn’t just another pop dude to ignore, but it does prove he has some real talent. This point alone forces me to give him some props and throw a few glances his way, but there is more.

Justin Bieber cut of his locks that made him a signature look. Who gets to be a signature look and doesn’t hold onto it for at least one-fourth of their life? Justin Bieber does. The Biebs is growing up and he’s letting us all know that he’s aware and he’s embracing it. He is not just another child TV or music star, holding onto their once lovable trademarks. He is moving on and up and he’s even taking his original 13 year old fan base with him. His new song has swag and a beat closer to hip-hop than pop, but he refrains from any vulgar language or imagery in order to stay appropriate for the fans that got him there. Rather than taking the Cyrus road and baring all to show the world you’re rejecting your past and you’ve already moved on without them, JBiebs is moving slowly and letting us all be a part of the transformation.

Justin Bieber attributed his new hairstyle to Ellen. While there is one exception to the rule (Ryan Seacrest, I still think that was a fluke), I tend to always trust Ellen Degeneres’s judgement of people. This is not just because I’m a stereotypical queer, but because Ellen is a hilarious, down-to-Earth, no-bullshit woman I would sincerely like to call my friend. Unfortunately, I can’t. But, Justin Bieber can. This gives me great hope for the boy.

Justin Bieber discovered Carly Rae Jepsen. Show me a person who doesn’t love or at the very least want to dance during “Call Me Maybe” and I will show you a liar. Jepsen’s catchy hit is adorable, great for dancing, and has a uniquely humorous video to enhance its quality. Bieber discovered her. It sounds to me like the Biebs has pretty good judgement. Perhaps, instead of shaming Ludacris for being in a video with Justin Bieber, we should praise him for having the foresight to see the man Bieber would become.

The second most important point I would like to make is what I like to call the Efron Effect. Back in the day, we all looked at that ridiculous boy dancing around in some Disney channel disaster called “High School Musical” and we rolled our eyes with disgust. Well, that is, if we weren’t the high-pitched screaming fans of the show and believed we were cooler and had better judgement. I, too, dismissed the Disney phenomenon and the actors along with it. Then there was “Charlie St. Cloud.” Three words: Sexy, Talented Man. Go ahead, try to watch that movie and roll your eyes at Efron. Try it. That’s right, you can’t. All of a sudden Efron enters the screen looking like a sexy adult and evoking some real, heart-throbbing emotions. I believe Justin Bieber could be an example of the Efron effect. His new song, look, and swag is unlike anything we’ve seen from him before. I believe this is only going to get better. I think we should all give him a chance to become the next to wow us with the Efron Effect.

If all of that didn’t convince you, the lyrics in his new video should. No, they are not brilliant nor poetic. Yet, somehow all of his odd choices lyrically make the song perfect… and hilarious. Biebs doesn’t talk about making out with his future girlfriend, he paints the picture of eating fondue to seduce her. Rather than swear or because he couldn’t fill the void, he inserts a little disc-scratching sound with his mouth because he’s classy like that. When he does a count down to his beautiful falsetto voice, that he warns us is coming each time, he uses “swag” to replace the number one. Bieber even says, “swaggie” with absolutely no shame. Who could pull off saying swaggie? Justin Bieber can and he knows it. I respect a man who can say ridiculous things and make them sound serious.

Bottom line: Justin Bieber (despite his baby-face) is sexy and talented. Not to mention the fact that he is so much fun to support in a room of people who think you’re old enough to know better. He’s no Barbra Streisand, but he’s still someone to whom we should keep an open mind. We should all take a deeper look into why we hate Justin Bieber, let go of our denial, and accept that we all have it. We all have Bieber Fever, and the only prescription is more Bieber, so keep it coming!


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