Poetry: Sure, you can call me girl.

by: Patrick Gill

My boots are stomping a bubblegum beat–
Maroon, ill laced, somewhat well placed and
paced while my whole body is keeping
a scotch soaked time—no it’s not the good stuff
it’s from the green plastic bottle, darkening the corner of the deep well.
I’m the ship curving to its label, I’m full sail free.

My smile is wet and my thick feet are sweating
holes through my boots insoles, and
It’s not a fake smile I am giving up, please don’t worry;
it’s not even gold tinged and ice strong
like the plastic cupped dollar drink in my hand.
I tip the bartender and in two more it will be free.
If kindness is counted, it will be reciprocated.

Everything I do is like a little girl would, only heavier and hairy.
I’m growing up to be a bearded princess, someone
I never thought of or wanted to be as a kid.  I am pale
And soberer than anyone around me thinks I am.
I’m still a kid, I’m still a kid, an invocation of an optimistic grin.

Note: This poem was first published in The Glass Sea Zine, curated and created by Kiki Kirk

Patrick Gill is the Co-Creator of In Our Words, as well as the Co-Founder and Host of the queer reading series All The Writers I Know.  He is a poet, essayist, short story writer and occasional performer.   Patrick writes the column “B*tch, I’m Miley Cyrus” for HEAVEMedia, is an alumnus of DePaul, has developed LGBTQ-centered anti-bullying curricula for CPS schools and is currently working on LGBTQ friendly children’s books.  Patrick is doing so in order to be cute and endearing once again.  He is a semi-professional word-hustler and a burrito hunter.  His mother thinks everything he is doing is a fun thing to do.


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