MALA MALA: A New Documentary About Transsexual and Drag Youth in Puerto Rico

by: The Qu

Mala Mala is about what it means to be a part of a community and the recreation of family ties amongst friends, it’s about living on the margins without being a victim, it’s about living on the brink danger but never sacrificing who you are. About authenticity while being playful and unafraid to try all kinds of new masks until you find that one with a snug fit. The one you wear all day long like your real skin.

This is shaping up to be a journey film. 10 people’s journey to free themselves from insecurity, in order to love themselves enough to love others. That can be hard for some people. But the kids in this documentary are visual testaments of the Opportunity everyone gets, to reinvent themselves and inhabit a new body that they can really love.

Watch the trailers and learn more at their Kickstarter site, here.

Note: This was reposted from The Qu with permission, you can view this and more here

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