Hugging It Forward: Using Hugs to Foster World Peace

by: Timothy Lalowski

Hello World,

Sometimes, I feel like life is one big, giant beauty pageant, where everyone is competing for title of Supreme Being. Unbeknownst to many, we’re being judged on every category from outward appearance to talent(s). Currently it’s the question and answer segment, and I’ve been asked: “If you could give one thing to mankind, what would it be?”

We all know the typical (and excessively overused) response, but there’s a reason that response is so popular: who wouldn’t want World Peace? If the entire world could function harmoniously as one and each person be at peace, what more could we want? The answer to the question, however, poses a difficult dilemma all in its own. How does one expect to achieve World Peace?

And here is my proposition to you all: hugs. Hugs have the ability to solve world peace.

“What?” you might ask. “You’re crazy,” you might say. However, stick with me; I’ll explain.

Think of the feeling you get when someone gives you a hug: that feeling of warm comfort, that feeling that everything will be okay, no matter what. Having a chest to support you when your head is tired, that’s a pretty fucking awesome feeling, right? And you just feel good afterwards, right? And you just want to do good things and be a nice person after, right? Exactly. Hugs feel awesome, and they make you be more awesome. Isn’t that a step in the right direction?

Now, think of the last person who gave you a hug. You feel pretty positive about that person, right? You’re generally very nice to that person, right? And the same goes for them. They feel pretty positive towards you; they’re nice to you; the two of you have a good relationship. The bond between the two of you has been strengthened via this awesome, all-loving, hug.

Now, people, A+B=C. If hugs make you feel awesomesauce–and they increase the bond between the two people involved–then of course they’re really powerful at making people happy and solving World Peace! We just need to hug more. We need to tell people that we care about them, that we have love to offer.

So, I’m starting an initiative: the “Hug Around the World” initiative. If I hug more people, they are going to feel awesome and hug more people, who will hug more people–and so on. We will Hug It Forward.  Thus, you need to go fucking hug some people! Make their day awesome! And just watch where this goes! I can promise you: amazing things will happen when this catches on. It’ll be the most fantastic and contagious disease in the world. Ever.

Hugging to Peace,

Timothy Elliot Lalowski

Timothy Elliot Lalowski is a student at the Illinois Institute of Technology where he studies Architectural Engineering and Civil Engineering with a minor in Architecture. Timothy is a founder of, a G focused LGBTQ help blog. Timothy has also recently founded New Velocity, the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Performance Dance Troupe and serves as president and major choreographer. Interested in the Social Progressive Movement, Timothy continues to work towards his goal of founding the Progressive Design and Engineering Movements.


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