Poetry: “Saturday Night”

by: Yvette Nepper

Your friends will huddle around you
like an immune system

while i keep my distance:
a coordinate on a bar stool.

Yvette Nepper is a graduate of Ohio University in Athens with a degree in English. Nepper works as the Volunteer Coordinator for Cincinnati’s Foodbank Freestore and is a locally renowned writer and poet, who has been published in such outlets as Milk Money magazine. Yvette is obsessed with Elliott Smith and truly loves the city she lives in.

Editor’s Note: Nepper and her partner announced this week that they are going to be parents. Congratulations go out from everyone at In Our Words to Yvette and Kim. No child could ask for two better parents.


3 responses to “Poetry: “Saturday Night”

  1. I have to admit; this may be one of my favorite pieces ever. Definitely my favorite quartet. Exquisitely executed in such a tiny amount of words; the velocity of the momentary, yet relative, words expressed here strike a chord in me that makes me truly ponder and think for a moment, and then I realize it. Mysterious word choice and words packed with emotion are far more effective in conveying thought than straightforward prose.

    In simple terms, AMAZING.

    • Thanks, Tom…can’t stop thinking about YOUR words, “the velocity of the momentary.” a very sincere: thank you.

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